Thursday, 01 August 2013 11:00

US biofuel producer Inoes Bio brings $130m plant online

Algae Tec testing 170SQUS biofuel producer Inoes Bio‘s $130m Indian River BioEnergy Centre biofuels plant has come online, with first ethanol shipments to be released in August.

A joint venture between Inoes Bio and New Planet Energy, the plant is expected to have an annual output of eight million gallons of cellulosic ethanol and 6MW of renewable power.

It marks the first plant using the company’s gasification and fermentation technology to convert biomass waste into bioethanol and renewable power.

The facility has converted several types of waste biomass to bioethanol to date, including vegetative and yard waste, and citrus, oak, pine and pallet wood waste.

Inoes Bio is working with other companies and cities to use the new technology as an alternative direction for waste disposal, and the production of advanced biofuels. The centre will serve as a reference for companies and cities interested in licensing the technology used.

The bioenergy technology used by the plant allows feedstock flexibility, converting all types of biomass into carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases.

The bio-chemical fermentation ensures a high yield synthesis of cellulosic ethanol from the gases produced, at low temperature and pressure, the company said. All heat recovered is fed into a steam turbine to generate renewable electricity.


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