Friday, 10 May 2013 10:30

MIT Researchers Find Biofuels Linked to Warmer Climate

biofuels climateReleased in the Geophysical Research Letters, a recent study has found that the changes caused by the usage of biofuels to shift towards cleaner energy have also led to some unintended results. It was learnt that it can make some regions even warmer.

Research team at MIT found that a major increase in biofuels produced energy that is enough to meet the 10% of the world's energy needs. Willow Hallgren, lead author of the study and a Research Associate at MIT's Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, said it is necessary to look into the unintended consequences of well-intended actions.

"It's easy to look at a new, cleaner energy source, see how it will directly improve the climate, and stop there without ever considering all the ramifications", she added. Further, she mentioned that there is much more to consider while we are trying to control the climate change by using cleaner energy sources.

The research team explored the consequences of clearing more forests to grow biofuel crops and maintaining forests and croplands by using fertilizers and irrigation. It was then found that greenhouse emissions increased in both the cases.

Biofuels' expansion effects seem to cancel out each other globally but the study has found that few regions had significant impacts.


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