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First-ever Grown in Britain partner woodland lays down its roots


2014-03-12 085640The Grown in Britain initiative has announced the launch of its first partner woodland, a 55ha planting near Cranborne in Dorset. The new woodland project brings together industry and landowners to expand UK woodland cover, capture carbon and produce sustainable timber.

Grown in Britain was launched in 2013 and seeks to increase the use and supply of sustainably sourced UK timber. The new woodland marks a major milestone in the initiative and comes about as a result of voluntary carbon mitigation funding provided by Weston-Super-Mare based fuel distributor, BWOC.

The carbon woodland was developed and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code by Forest Carbon Ltd, with BWOC purchasing over 21,000 tonnes of carbon capture credits to help finance the project. BWOC has a long term programme of supporting UK woodland creation in recognition of its own and its customers’ carbon footprint.

Located at Cranborne Estate, the new woodland has seen the planting of 123,000 native and coniferous trees and will be managed to encourage biodiversity and provide a source of high quality home-grown timber. Timber harvested at Cranborne for use in UK markets will support ongoing management of the woodland while highlighting its dual value – both as an environmental and economic asset.

Dougal Driver, Chief Executive of Grown in Britain, said; “Grown in Britain continues to gain momentum in the UK, and we’re delighted to be launching the initiative’s first ever partner woodland at Cranborne. Demand for high quality timber continues to increase and we’re seeing more and more big brands – and their customers – trying to source wood products from suppliers based in the UK.

“To meet demand, we need to plant more woodland, and that’s exactly what is happening at Cranborne with help from Forest Carbon and carbon mitigation funding from BWOC. That’s good news for UK suppliers, the forest economy, wildlife and local people who enjoy spending time in our woods.”

BWOC’s Managing Director, Mark Wayne, said; “Cranborne is one of seven carbon woodlands we have supported and our staff and customers have responded incredibly well to this ongoing commitment. What we particularly liked about Cranborne was its productive element – the chance to contribute to creating a woodland that would be able to ensure its own permanence through the sustainable extraction of timber.”


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1. Grown in Britain brings together everyone who values our forests, woods and trees and the products we can make from the wood they produce.

Our aims are:

  • Generating more demand for the wide array of quality products generated from productive woodlands, and in so doing strengthening considerably the economic engine that underpins the sector.
  • Establishing a mechanism to allow businesses more readily to exercise their corporate responsibility through funding woodland projects in the UK and thereby to demonstrate to customers and shareholders the carbon, societal, and other ecosystem service benefits achieved. There is great willingness on the part of companies to do this and the framework will significantly increase the amount of funding available to support UK woodland projects.
  • Creating a stronger wood culture in our society: making it the norm that we use, buy and enjoy wood products, managing woods to achieve this; more people active in our woodlands with improved mental and physical wellbeing, and a sense of community inspired by woodlands.
  • More information is available at
  • Enhanced environmentally supportive action through Voluntary Carbon Capture
  • Supporting our communities
  • Responsible sourcing & accountability
  • Building a great place to work

2. Forest Carbon leads the way in voluntary woodland carbon capture in the UK. It helps create new woodlands in the UK for organisations wanting to mitigate the impact of their greenhouse gas emissions. Through the planting of 4 million new trees in the UK since 2006 its clients’ projects are removing over 850,000 tonnes of CO2 from the nation’s air  

3. BWOC is an independent fuel wholesaler, supplying around a billion litres of petroleum products annually into the UK marketplace. BWOC operates nationwide fuel cards offering cheap diesel and petrol for HGVs or lorries It directly supports the UK with reforestation programmes and community work. Its core business principles are:


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