Tuesday, 27 May 2014 23:46

Södra members allocate eight per cent of woodland for conservation

sodra logoSödra's certified members are to allocate an average of eight per cent of their woodland area for nature conservation, an area which corresponds in size to 200,000 football pitches. The equivalent total value could be as much as 20 billion SEK.

This is based on an analysis of the green forest-management plans of Södra's certified members, carried out by Södra. Södra believes that the voluntary allocation of productive woodland is of great importance if the targets of the national environmental initiative "Living Forests" are to be reached.

"The voluntary allocations made by Södra's members amount to a total value of between 12 and 20 billion SEK," said Göran Örlander, Chief Forester at Södra.

The allocated areas consist primarily of clear-cut forests and older forests. At least 85 per cent of the NO-area and almost 70 per cent of the NS-area are included in this category. NO stands for natural conservation areas which are to be left untouched, whilst NS refers to natural conservation areas which require some care.

Viewed in the context of the clear-cut-ready forest in its entirety, NO/NS areas combined constitute 19 per cent. In conjunction with the felling in production forests, consideration will be shown to various aspects with natural value such as dead wood, old trees and valuable ecosystems.

Additional Info

For more information, please contact:
Göran Örlander, Chief Forester, Södra, tel: 0470-893 62
Annica Gerentz, Director of Communications, Södra, tel: 0470-894 81

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