Tuesday, 01 August 2017 13:59

Swedish wood increasingly global

Global demand for Swedish wood is constantly rising. In the first half of 2017, Södra delivered sawn timber to 38 counties, representing more than a 100-percent increase in geographic markets since 2005.

More and more global markets are acknowledging Swedish wood as a building material for both interior purposes and residential construction. Södra delivered to 17 countries in 2005 and the figure has increased to 38 countries to date this year, ranging from the US in the west to Japan in the east.

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"This is a very positive trend that we can also see on a global scale. Timber construction is by far the most environmentally friendly alternative and a condition for the global change to a more sustainable society," said Andreas Jonasson, Marketing Manager at Södra Wood. 

Higher demand in Asia

Sweden is experiencing a strong trend in construction timber and Södra has increased its sales for three consecutive years. Demand from Asia, where most new markets are located, is also rising in parallel with this trend. Södra’s core markets for sawn timber are the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden, but it is China – where Södra has been making deliveries since 2010 – that is the fastest growing market. Sales have risen every year and in 2016 were up 32 percent year-on-year.

"Swedish wood is becoming increasingly sought-after in Asia. Drivers include high delivery reliability and high product quality, as well as Swedish raw materials coming from certified and sustainable forests with extensive consideration of nature conservation," said Andreas Jonasson.

Södra was founded in 1938 and is the largest forest-owner association in Sweden, with a membership of more than 50,000 forest owners. We engage in modern and responsible forestry, and operate state-of-the-art mills in which we process our raw material. Through value-generating relationships and a long-term approach, Södra is leading the way for the next generation of forestry. 

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