Thursday, 11 July 2013 15:11

MHG Demo’s Biomass Manager at Acciona, Spain

mhg bio spain

July saw the implementation of a pilot demonstration of the MHG Biomass Manager at a unique multi-fuel feedstock biomass plant in Extremedura, Spain. The demo was part of a wider EU FP7 project, LogistEC, which aims to facilitate the incubation and commercial trial of cutting edge research innovations in bioenergy.

Acciona’s 17MW Biomass plant in Miajadas has to co-ordinate supply of 18 different agro and forestry feedstocks that each bring with them their own particular set of operational complications, including seasonality, yield sensitivity to excessive drought or wet land, as well as the traditional farming practices, machinery and storage capacity available in the region.

Acciona makes use of in-house IT solutions for feedstock planning but does not currently implement an integrated portal platform solution in which contractors are incentivized to optimize on delivering Mega Watt hours instead of feedstock tons.

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