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Fewer emissions with new more efficient wood stove

We have reached the goal of making the most efficient wood stove in the world. Swedish innovation company Calidum Cor has developed a stove that is both more efficient and environmentally friendly than any alternative on the market.

"We have constructed a wood burning stove that provides comfortable heating while maintaining high efficiency and minimal emissions", says Niclas Pihl, CEO of Calidum Cor. The stove is tested and third-party verified by the Swedish research institute Rise.

2019 01 31 202049Higher efficiency

The result speaks for itself. The Eco Igniz stove has a proven efficiency of 91.2 per cent. Efficiency is a measure of how much of the energy content in the wood the stove can use and transform into heat.

"Our efficiency must be set in relation to traditional wood burning stoves", says Niclas. “An efficiency of 70–75 per cent is extremely good, also for modern stoves.”

The result is based on a patent-pending convection system that circulates the air in combination with a patent pending combustion system where the combustion gases burn downwards instead of upwards.

"The design also provides a low combustion rate. That means an even and pleasant heat for a longer time. As a result of the high efficiency it also reduces the flue gas temperature and therefore the risk of chimney fire.

Reduced emissions

Eco Igniz has proven to be effective even in environmental terms. According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, emissions from wood burning contribute to approximately 1,000 premature deaths in Sweden annually, while soot originating from the burning impacts on the climate.

"Our tests of the stove show that emissions of carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and dust during combustion are reduced to a fraction of other stoves", says Magnus Lagerqvist, technology manager at Calidum Cor. “It is really gratifying, especially given the focus on sustainability that both society and individuals have today.”

Looking for partners

The wood burning stove is not the first innovation that Niclas Pihl and Magnus Lagerqvist have developed. Their common interest in energy, the environment and technology has previously resulted in several patents in different areas.

"We are first and foremost innovators", says Niclas Pihl. “Therefore, we will now start seeking interested parties who are able to take the stove to the next level and to an international market. A new website is a first step for us on that path. There should be really good opportunities for a stove that produces more heat from wood and also does it in an environmentally friendly way.

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