Friday, 07 June 2013 09:50

Logset – first Sweden then the world

The cut to length method was developed in Sweden and Finland so the two countries are the natural first choice of CTL machinery manufacturers hoping to expand their market share. Finnish company Logset has been eyeing the Swedish market for some years and now a breakthrough seems imminent. Logset is at Elmia Wood both to present its new network of dealers in Sweden and five new forest machines.

logset track

“We sold three machines on the first day. The response has been great and our Swedish dealers are very pleased,” comments Valdemar Gädda, Logset’s sales manager for Sweden and Norway.

“The forestry market is sensitive to economic swings but we hope that we’re in a good position to expand our market share now,” he says.

The biggest of Logset’s five new machines at Elmia Wood is the 10F GT forwarder. Its cab is multi-levelling, can rotate 45 degrees in both directions, and tilt sideways 17 degrees, forwards 10 degrees and backwards 11 degrees.

“You can programme it to do this both manually and automatically,” Gädda says. “When it’s set on automatic the cab is constantly working to stay level in all situations whatever the terrain.”

The 10F GT forwarder also has a completely new model of crane by the Finnish company Mesera Loglift. The crane is extendable to 11 metres on a single extension.

“Almost every other forwarder uses a double extension, which is both more expensive and less robust,” Gädda says.

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